Cafe Con Leche

It’s been such a long time since my last Foodie Adventure with ‘Martha Stewart’. But it’s not because we’re no longer friends, but because, shamefully, I’ve become one of those girls who neglects her girl friends once she gets a boyfriend. I use to read about these people in magazines/books when I was single and now I’ve become one of them! But I’m trying to rectify this – yesterday I even caught up with some high school friends I haven’t seen in years!

Anyway, ‘Martha Stewart’ introduced me to Colombian food during this Foodie Adventure. She chose Cafe con Leche in Surry Hills, because she liked the Colombian coffee they made and was keen to try out their food (which is why I made her do all the ordering today). The food was really authentic and tasty – and ‘Martha Stewart’ would know, she’s lived there for a year!

IMG_4969 (3)
Colombian hot chocolate which is served with a piece of Colombian white cheese (the butter looking thing in the foreground). The cheese is slightly salty and has the texture of cold butter. How ‘Martha Stewart’ explained you consume this is you get a bit of the cheese and pour over the hot chocolate and let it soak in the liquid for a while, before eating the hot chocolate / cheese in the bowl. It was nice – the gentle sweetness of the hot chocolate matched that subtle savouriness of the cheese, just like Thai desserts have a little salt to enhance the sweetness. The creaminess of the cheese, which doesn’t melt in the heat of the beverage, also gave it a kick in the richness department.
IMG_4971 (2)
Quesadilla with chicken and ham, cheese and tomato, served with a pot of guacamole.
Arepas – one with chicken and one with meat. Arepas are a flatbread made out of corn, cripsy on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside. This one was also a bit sweet.
IMG_4977 (2)
Colombian specialty – the ajiaco – a chicken and potato soup, with cream, avocado, capers and corn.
The cream, capers and avocado to put into the ajiaco. It capers really helped to cut through the richness of the creamy soup
IMG_4978 (2)
I normally wouldn’t talk about corn, but ‘Martha Stewart’ made me eat it saying I would like it, so I feel like I must do it justice. And I’ll admit, it was a pretty awesome corn cobb! It has an extra bit of creamy starchiness in its kernels which meant it wasn’t as crunchy as the normal corn you’d eat. Being smothered in that delicious chicken soup also helped, surely.

IMG_4973 (2)

Funnily enough, we were initially debating whether we ordered enough food, but decided to be prudent because ‘Martha Stewart’ hates over-ordering. Ironically, we struggled to finish our second arepa and failed to finish the ajiaco. The food looks small but packs a punch because there’s so much meat in everything.

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