Los Vida


I only discovered this place when I took my parents to the CBD Westfield for ramen, and they were handing out free taco vouchers. So we came here a week later to redeem these vouchers and were genuinely surprised with the quality of the food. We have been here twice now and will be back in the future when we are in the mood for some Mexican.

They do a taco special – 7 for $35. Both times I went, the Mongolian suggested we get that, but there are so many other interesting and tasty things on offer, why get stuffed from just tacos?

Beer battered barramundi taco, with zesty lime, cabbage slaw & 3 style jalapenos w chipotle mayo. This was my favourite taco, because I do have a bias for fish and for sour things. Trying to be objective though, I like the mellow flavour of the fish (although I think the second time I went the fish wasn’t that fresh) and the batter was crunchy. I also don’t really remember it being too spicy, despite the jalapenos and chipotle mayo.
Lamb barbacoa taco with guajillo sauce, mint mayo, habanero & radish w pickled onion
Shredded chicken taco in tinga sauce, guacamole, sour cream & iceberg lettuce w queso fresco on the left and the fish taco on the right.
Pibli braised pork taco, caramelised pineapple, habanero & radish w pickled onion on the right and the lamb taco on the left.
Chicharron de queso y chorizo – house made loose chorizo & fresh paper thin roll of toasted cheese w guacamole. This was not what I expected, because it looks like a deconstructed dish served at fancy restaurants. But it’s a chorizo mince, although it didn’t taste the same as typical chorizo sausages, and the meat wasn’t as rough and definitely more saucy. I would liken the toasted cheese with a chewy cheddar biscuit. Interesting dish.
Patatas bravas – fried potatoes, sweet potatoes, brava sauce & garlic aioli w chives. This was sooooooo tasty and satisfying, just the perfect comfort food for winter. The sauce is hidden under that mountain of shaved cheese, but don’t fear – there was lots of it and plenty to coat each and every cube of potato. I think I gained a kilo from this.
Ancient Grain Salad – quinoa, broccoli, kale, butternut pumpkin, corn kernels, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, parsley, jalapenos & pomegranate w tequila dressing. This dish should be called super food salad, since it’s got all the superfoods in one dish! On a sour note though, the dressing was overly sour and spicy, which became inedible by the end.
Snowpea salad, with avocado, tomatoes, corn kernels, sunflower seads and onions. We ordered this because snowpeas are the Mongolian’s favourite veggie. It was enjoyable salad, nice and mellow, definitely didn’t get an overdose of vinegar  here. HOWEVER if I had my choice, I would have ordered the watermelon salad which comes with jamon serrano. I think about it to this day.
Beef Fillet – 150g sliced beef fillet medium rare w butter mole. Thinking back, it’s a bit like Peking duck but Mexican style. The meat itself is flavourless, but is well cooked and kind of bouncy in texture. The green salsa thing and mole flavour the dish, and the pickles bring a lightness to the flavour profile. The mole reminded us of adzuki bean paste, but a savoury version. You wrap it all together in a corn tortilla and it definitely beats all the other lunch wraps out there.
Beef ribs – braised beef ribs, chipotle glaze, radish & red onion w pickled habanero. The first time we had this, the meat was soooo tender, it fell off the bones and melted in our mouths. After we swallow, the intense burn of the sauce kicks in and we are left red faced, teary eyed and sweating profusely.
The second time we had this, the meat wasn’t as tender as the first time, and didn’t fall off the bones. But at least the sauce didn’t kick our arse and leave us gulping down sangria.

Speaking of sangria, the second time, we ordered a jug and what we were served was like a sangria slushy. I think they must of left it in the fridge for too long and it froze over. It was still very alcoholic though…

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