The Cake Man – Lane Cove

This is a delightful patisserie in Lane Cove, which I found on Instagram. I thought it was a new cafe, but when I got there it seems I was the last in Lane Cove to find out.

Everything are baked on site, and they also make some awesome bespoke cakes to order. Their cakes are delicious, and I can’t wait to try their savoury goods.

I thought it was a bit hard to find but it’s located at the end of the arcade where Baker’s Delight is and it opens up to a car park.

Small cake display – they have mini sized cakes which I think is an excellent idea cos you can have a treat without breaking the calorie bank. Or it means you can try a few different flavours without getting too full. Which ever way you prefer…
Pies and quiches display
Large cake display
IMG_4407 (2)
Lamington – a bit on the sweet side and I would have preferred a more chocolatey oomph.
Chocolate, berry mousse – this was pretty good. On the sweet side.
Almond dacquiose, rosewater cream, watermelon, pistachio, grapes and a flower – like the Black Star Pastry one, except I stayed within the realms of my neighbourhood.
Berry almond cake
Berry almond cake

The Cake Man on Urbanspoon


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