Cho Cho San

We had dinner at Cho Cho San the day before Valentine’s Day (yes I’ve been sitting on this post for 2 months now). It was showing up on my Instagram feed a bit and the dishes looked amazing so we were keen to try it out.

We arrived pretty early (having headed there straight after work) and I liked the white, minimalist decor – it really brought light and space to what is otherwise a long, window-less corridor.

We started off with Umeshu, our favourite drink
Hokkaido Scallops with seaweed, raddish and yuzu dressing. I love scallops so really liked this dish – sweet scallops, savoury seaweed and tangy dressing was bang on the buck. Only thing is I would like to scallops to be sliced thicker.
Fried eggplant with sweet miso sauce on a stick ($2ea) – the batter was super crunchy and the eggplant inside was soft and creamy. but the sauce was more sugar than miso
Beef tataki, wild rice and ginger dressing ($22) – the Mongolian forcibly made me taste this. It was very creamy and fatty, not too objectionable, but I wasn’t inclined for another bite as I don’t stomach the idea of eating raw meat well. The Mongolian liked it though.
Petuna ocean trout, black pepper, wasabi ($20) – this was nice and simple, hardly dissimilar to salmon sashimi with soy sauce. I don’t remember there being wasabi in our dish.
Snow crab omelette, Japanese curry ($28) – I was really looking forward to this dish, when I saw it in pictures and in other blogs, I thought this would totally be my kind of dish. But it wasn’t that great, that Japanese curry was too strong for my liking, a factor not helped by the lack of a serving of rice which, in my opinion, should have been there.
Lamb cutlets, koji glaze ($25) – the lamb was such a disappointment. It was really bland, I didn’t taste any ‘koji’, just a bit of smoked smell and the lime. I swear I can do a better job of flavouring it.
Matcha soft serve. I love anything matcha flavoured! This soft serve was sweeter than the other specimens I’ve tasted and creamier, very nice
Happily posing with my ice cream

Cho Cho San was just OK. I don’t think it was deserving of all that hype it was receiving late last year. The meal was quite dear and even though we ordered 6 dishes between the two of us and it was one of the most expensive meals we’ve had, neither of us were full. The Mongolian had two scoops from Anderson Ice Creamery on our way back to the station. Some of the dishes definitely sound quite Gucci with its Japanese name ingredients, but in reality, it didn’t taste all that spectacular and I think could do with some tweaking.

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