Sushi Hotaru

Going to Sushi Hotaru is always somewhat special because it’s the place where the Mongolian and I first met. We returned just last week and it’s nice to see that it’s still going strong (stark contrast to the surrounding closed stores). Given that most of the plates are $3.50, I guess that’s always gonna be a crowd puller.

While the conveyor belt has all the basic essentials to get you started, they have a whole heap more options available in the menu which you can order with the waitress or on the tablet menu (if you are seated at such a table). I would recommend perusing through the menu, because I’m a fan.

Service was very efficient. Admittedly minimal, which is fine given that it is self-service. But when we asked for water or ordered from the menu, it was delivered to us in a flash.

Volcano – grilled scallop and salmon with lots of mayo and sweet soy sauce – this was the most amazing sushi we tried that night, both the Mongolian and I went “Ooooh” once we registered the volcanic eruption of flavour and texture in our mouths. The fish melted in my mouth and was so soft and creamy (helped a lot by the copious amount of mayo). The savoury, creamy mayo was complimented by the sweet soy sauce.
Grilled scallop
Salmon sashimi – I was so hungry when I arrived, I devoured a slice before remembering the take a photo. The salmon was fresh and sweet and most importantly for me at the time – thick cut.
Grilled crab and cheese – I actually thought this was the grilled salmon when I grabbed it since it looked quite similar through the plastic case. I was pleasantly surprised even though I generally avoid plastic crab. Grilling it seem to enhance the sweetness and gave it a bit more chew. I was like this isn’t salmon but it tastes pretty good.
Grilled salmon – when I got it right. Although this is usually one of my faves, after I descended from the high of the grilled crab, this wasn’t as good as I remembered.
Soft-shell crab hand roll – this is also one of my favourites that I always order on the menus. There’s a generous sized piece of crab that’s well seasoned and freshly fried. Oh and I also love how the nori is ‘fresh’ because there’s a slight crispness to it which disappears once it touches the damp sushi rice.
Salmon Family Gukan – the Mongolian loves salmon belly and salmon roe and I love this name.
Raw kingfish – surprisingly good! I generally don’t like white fish sashimi. But the texture of this fish had a nice bite and mayo was a night flavour
Spicy grilled kingfish – once again pleasant surprise! and once again I was impressed by the texture of the fish which had a slight bite.
Grilled Eel

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