Bronte Belo

The Mongolian had bought a Groupon voucher for Bronte Belo with the original intention to go there after we ran the City2Surf. But because we thought we could get free Grill’d burgers that day, we went for the burger deal instead. Turned out that we could only redeem our free burger the Monday after City2Surf, so we ended up having sushi. Then we didn’t have time / forgot to come here, until now as the voucher is about to expire.

I finished work early on time that day and took the train to Bondi Junction, then a bus to Bronte Beach. We were a bit early so we took a walk by the beach. We felt a bit out of place, because we were the only people in shirts and suits.

We showed up at the cafe much earlier than our reservation because were starving.

Mixed berry & mango smoothies ($7) It was a bit sweet for our palate, but it filled us up while we waited for our food to arrive.

Although the cafe was quite small, the kitchen was overwhelmed from the beginning as it struggled to keep up with orders. Food came out at a steady pace, and the waiters were busy the whole night, yet I still noticed patrons waiting for their food for ages after their companions were served. We waited an agonizing 40 minutes before our first entree finally arrived. At the same time, they also overlooked our other entree, which was only served after we reminded the waiter.

Antipasto platter
Antipasto board with olives, brie, Jarlsberg, smoked salmon, prosciutto and cheesy garlic bread ($22) It was fine, but I can’t help but think how everything seemed to be supermarket bought.
Grilled halumi with lemon, and non-existent cherry tomato and oregano.
Grilled halumi with lemon ($12) fresh from the pan. Nice and bitey. But serving size was underwhelming.

Luckily we did not have to wait another eternity for our mains to arrive.

Feijoada - a blackbean stew with smoked chorizo, beef & pork, with rice and sauteed kale
Feijoada – a blackbean stew with smoked chorizo, beef & pork, with rice and sauteed kale. $25 Chorizo was very delicious and the meat was very tender. The stew was a bit salty though.
Mixed BBQ plate - Brazilian BBQ style ribs, steak and chicken with rice, black beans and chimichuuri sauce
Mixed BBQ plate – Brazilian BBQ style ribs, steak and chicken with rice, black beans and chimichuuri sauce. $ 28 Good portion size of meat and the chicken was tender. Ribs didn’t have much meat and once again everything was too salty for my palate, and I have to mix everything with my rice to dilute the flavour.
Lemon and chocolate tart
Lemon and chocolate tart – this was ok, I particularly liked the dark, rich chocolate layer.

As we sat eating our final course, we contemplated how Bronte Belo should just serve simple cafe offerings like smoothies and desserts. It seemed ill-equipped and under-resourced to handle a full blown restaurant offering. We peeped into its small kitchen which didn’t look like it could fit another person and seemed to already be running at capacity. So perhaps an examination of how things are operating in the kitchen is required. Because in my mind, it shouldn’t take 40 minutes to serve up antipasto – everything is pre-prepared so all they have to do is put it on a plate!

Prices were also quite dear for what was served.

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