Just Desserts

Been out and about having lots of desserts lately. Luckily, happily and curiously this hasn’t translated to a commensurate gain in weight. Once again, this is a rather delayed post, so the comments about the weather would be a bit out of context given the recent gorgeous Spring weather.

Cow & the Moon Artisan Gelato

I came across the name Cow & the Moon in my previous Entertainment Book, but thought nothing of it until, one year later (and a new Entertainment Book later) I read on smh and saw on the Today Show – both in the same week – that Cow & the Moon had won the World Championships. That changed everything.

So when the sun god finally looked favourably upon Sydney again, I lost no time in making the Mongolian drive us there to taste some award winning gelato.

Probably because it was the first sunny day in two weeks, a massive line had already formed when we arrived. By the time we were served a lot of the flavours had sold out, which meant I missed out on trying my favourite pistachio flavour. Fortunately, they still had plenty of the award winning Mandorla Affogato, which is ’embodies a Madagascan vanilla bean gelato with roasted caramalised coffee almonds folded with a coffee caramel sauce’ – it was definitely the best flavour out of the 4 we chose.

Cow & the Moon gelato and coffee exxx
Gelato and coffee eclair – the flavours from L-R were: After Dinner Mint, Hazelnut, Mandorla affogato and Panna Cotta Strawberry with Balsamic Vinegar. They were all pretty good but the standout were the hazelnut and Mandorla affogato

To be honest, the gelato was good and there were a couple of creative flavours, but to my untrained tongue, I don’t see how it is distinctively better than, say, Messina. So while I don’t regret going there to try their gelato,  I probably won’t go again unless I am in the area.

Cow & The Moon Artisan Gelato on Urbanspoon

Kurtosh (Crows Nest)

Kurtosh is an interesting cafe, which we found post-dinner while we took a stroll to help digest food. They sell their cakes by weight, which means you can buy small slices of each cake and and sample a couple without going overboard. It doesn’t necessarily end up being any cheaper, but I think it is still a good idea.

Their namesake snack, the kurtosh, is front and centre. I remember seeing them in the Prague Old Town, but didn’t try it at the time because it looked like glorified bread. Luckily, as with all their products, they put out samples of the kurtosh which customers can help themselves to. Hence I got to confirm that it is indeed like glorified bread, but one which would compliment a cup of coffee very well, as it is not too heavy or sweet.

The café is also quite spacious, with plenty of seating. Lovely place for a sweet afternoon tea.

The chocolaty tiramisu was my favourite, it was lovely and light, not too sweet in contrast to the other cakes. The Mongolian praised himself for his two choices: a Ferrero Rocher cake (in the server’s own words) and a Duo Mousse cake with a layer each of milk chocolate mousse and white chocolate mousse.

Kürtősh on Urbanspoon

Magnum Pleasure Store

Many will be aware that the Magnum Pleasure Store is currently popped up in Westfield Sydney. And until next week, you can still have a custom made Magnum. Last year I didn’t brave the horrendously long queues, so I made up for that loss this year and had it 3 times in 2 weeks.

I definitely recommend trying the Pleasure Magnum just once: even though it is quite expensive ($8), it is so much better than your standard Coles/Woolies bought Magnum. I’ve always been a big fan of the chocolate coating on Magnums (somehow it always taste better and smoother than normal chocolate), and one of the reasons I like the Pleasure Magnum is the coating is a lot thicker. It also hasn’t been through the freezing process, which gives it an almost chewy texture (rather than going snap and potentially falling off the ice cream). The Mongolian was sceptical when I told him it’s better, saying it’s probably psychological, but once he tried it for himself, he agreed it was more decadent and interesting.

I also recommend sharing with a friend, which is what I did for two of my visits. In addition to being good financial management and it is also efficient portion control, because despite its size, it is actually quite heavy for one person. Both ‘Martha Stewart’ and ‘The Cat Woman’ found it too sweet and struggled to finish their ice cream.

Pistachios, hazelnuts, honeycomb pieces and dried strawberries over vanilla ice cream and milk choc coating. Despite being a die hard dark choc fan, I actually thought the milk choc was better in this instance as it wasn’t as intense and over powering as the dark. The dried strawberries were a bit sour on its own, but when eaten as a whole this wasn’t noticeable and probably balanced out all the sweetness.
Rose petals, mocha chips, hazelnuts and coconut flakes with chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate coating. I thought the subtle fragrance that the rose petals impart were absolutely delightful. Despite the Mongolian nodding his own approval of his topping selection, I thought the mocha chips disrupted the balance of flavours. I also thought the chocolate ice cream plus dark chocolate were a bit of chocolate over kill.
Vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate with salted pretzels, coconut flakes and hazelnuts. They had run out of rose petals and pistachios by this visit. I loved the addition of the salted pretzels to the toppings
Vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate with salted pretzels, coconut flakes and hazelnuts. They had run out of rose petals and pistachios by this visit. I loved the addition of the salted pretzels to the toppings, it really adds a new dimension to the flavour profile yet compliments the sweetness so well. It was probably my favourite topping!

In conclusion, I recommend the following choices: vanilla ice cream, milk chocolate coating, rose petals and salted pretzels.

Magnum on Urbanspoon

Café Sydney

And last but certainly not least, this dessert I had at Café Sydney during a work lunch. It is off the special menu and I didn’t catch half of the elements as our waiter recited the description, but he had me at ‘panna cotta’. When it was brought out, it was certainly a sight to behold! Doesn’t it remind you of a field of flowers?

A field of flowers~
Buttermilk panna cotta, berry sorbet, rhubarb, marshmellows, edible flowers… too beautiful to eat~

Cafe Sydney on Urbanspoon



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