It’s been quite a meat fest this week; went to Hurricane twice!

Hurricane at Top Ryde

Lamb ribs
Full Rack Lamb ribs w fries and garlic sauce – I think the Mongolian liked this, but the ribs were a bit small and chewy. Comparatively, I tried some lamb ribs from a colleague later in the week and he had larger ribs which were deliciously meaty and tender. I’m finding that sometimes you luck out and get a rack with lots of meat and other times, a skinny animal is served. The fries and garlic sauce were nice though!
Chicken Caesar salad
I had the Chicken Caesar salad to be healthy. This was lovely,  very generous serving with the equivalent of 2 chicken breasts. I particularly liked the thick shavings of Parmesan cheese.


Hurricane at Darling Harbour

Later in the week, I had a work lunch  also at Hurricane. I’d come down with a cold just the day before and became sneezing, sniffing, spluttering mess. On the morning of the lunch, I had a intense internal debate of whether I should go to work at all (and spread all my germs) but ultimately, the promise of [free] ribs can deter no one, even the sickest, lamest of them all!

I also debated whether I should order a burger (cos I craved for one). But when I finally had the menu opened up in front of me, there seemed to be no reason to order anything else but ribs at Hurricanes. Funnily enough though, the girl from Texas in our team ordered giant prawns for her main because she thought the ribs in Aust tasted like sawdust. (I can’t vouch for how accurate that is though, this was second hand hearsay I’m repeating here. But now I can’t wait to have ribs in America!!)

We also ordered garlic bread and garlic mushrooms to share, but I didn’t get an opportunity to take a photo of them. I thought the bread was a bit bland but the mushrooms were pungently flavoured; I just want to dip that bread in its juices.

Half pork ribs
Half rack of pork ribs with sweet potato fries – I was a bit disappointed. Like the lamb ribs, I seemed to have gotten a thin pig. What was more unforgivable was that the ribs were cold. Like it had been pre-cooked and they put it back on the grill to reheat but then didn’t heat it through.
Let the food coma begin…

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