Take N Taste & Ramen Ikkyu

I love noodles, and perhaps it’s this latest spate of horrible wet and cold weather which has driven me to seek the comfort of a hot bowl of soup noodles.

Take N Taste

This sandwich and hot food takeaway shop is very much hidden in the Food Arcade on the corner or Bridge Street and George Street. It’s the last booth at the back of the arcade, and somewhat covered by the interesting Cold Press Juice shop and the long lines of the popular North Sandwiches and Burgers.

Take N Taste seems to primarily sell sandwiches and hot food such as roast meats, pork crackling and vegetables. From my observation, most of their patrons line up for those sandwiches and hot foods. However they also sell Vietnamese favourites such pho, banhmi and rice paper rolls, and the customers dining in are invariably huddled over a bowl of pho. I was recommended this place by a colleague who has an aversion to MSG and described the pho here as homemade. I love that the soup here was flavoursome and rich yet doesn’t leave me bloated afterwards and make me constantly reaching for water. There was plenty of beef slices, a combination of rare beef and beef brisket. A good serving for $10.

Pho always makes me feel wholesome
Pho always makes me feel wholesome. This was so delicious I came here for 2 consecutive lunches.

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Ramen Ikkyu

At the end of a long, arduous working week, nothing could beat a tantalising bowl of rich pork bone broth, swimming with freshly made, elastic ramen to start you off to a good weekend.

The photo of Ramen Ikkyu ramen popped up in my Instagram feed a week earlier. And once I scrolled through their pictures, I knew I’d have to come. I wasn’t disappointed, this ramen is amazing! From the springy, al-dente noodles, to the pork broth that hits the sweet spot between thickness and lightness, and has a strong porky flavour.

I chose to stray from the tried and tested favourites and opted for a chilli clam and burnt butter ramen. It was indeed very buttery
I chose to stray from the tried and tested favourites and opted for a chilli clam and burnt butter ramen. The soup wasn’t the pork bone broth, so it was lighter than a standard ramen.  The fragrance of the butter is so pronounced from the first sip that I felt like I was drinking molten butter. It wasn’t very chilli but there were plenty of clams and some seaweed (the real stuff, not the fluorescent green variety commonly found in sushi shops).
Pork rib ramen $20
I chose the pork rib ramen for the Mongolian, which he later pronounced it to be the best ramen he’s ever had. As I said above, the broth hit the sweet spot and the noodles were thin and springy. The pork rib was also amazing: the meat is quite sweet, maybe it was first cooked in a sweet concoction and then later seared for that crispy finish. There are thick layers of fat between lean meat, which could be a good or bad thing, depending on which side of the debate you sit, and which makes the meat super juicy and tender.

Needless to say, we got two free extra servings of noodles to soak up the remaining broth. Mmmmmmm

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