Fattening up week: Gumshara & Lindt

I just found this post in my drafts! I must have forgotten to publish. These meals were had a few weeks ago, after my firm’s EOFY party and we could afford to get fat. The Mongolian specifically wanted to add to his fat reserves because he was getting a wisdom tooth out and won’t be able to eat for a week. Like what hibernating animals do, really.

First up on the list was Gumshara which was perfect for the freezing windy weather. I craved for it so much in the lead up that I was literally salivating thinking of it.

I’ve read other bloggers describe the soup as a gravy rather than a soup. That is so true. BBut do I dig it? Surprisingly, no. That I wasn’t enjoying my ramen was shocking even to myself because I wanted to like it so much!! I just wasn’t a fan of both the texture of that gluppy soup and the flavour fell flat for me too, which wasn’t helped by the fact I requested a not salty version. The only redeeming feature was that it doesn’t have any additives which make some ramens super tasty and then makes you super thirsty afterwards.

Tonkotsu ramen
Tonkotsu ramen
Pork spare rib ramen
Pork spare rib ramen

Second on our list of fattening meals was the Lindt groupon deal which features the platter pictured below plus two hot chocolates.


Talk about sugar overload! The vanilla ice cream was nice and I liked how they use real vanilla bean seeds rather than extract or flavouring. Compared to some of the other items, it wasn’t as sweet and heavy. The macaroons were also delicious with a good chewy texture, although the Mongolian likes to call them stale cookies. However we thought the brownie and Lindt chocolate cake were too similar, both being super dense and chocolatey. And all that sugar before our drinks were even served! The Mongolian had the dark chocolate hot chocolate and I chose the salted caramel. I thought mine would be salted caramel plus chocolate, and was wondering why my drink was so light in colour. Until I realised this has no chocolate. Sad moment.

After all that dessert, yep we’re fat.


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