Lynn Shanghai Cuisine

Despite being call the Mongolian, the Mongolian is actually a pure born and bred Shanghainese. Hence that night, he had lots to say about our food and we reminisced about the good ole days when my grandpa took me for xiaolongbaos every Sunday on the way to art school, or when he bought a packet of steaming hot fresh shenjian after a long day of school.

Shanghai specialty 1: The xiao long bao with thin pastry and lots of soup inside were well made. It tastes a bit different from the ones at Din Tai Fung; for one, the meat is a bit more fatty. But I reckon it would still give DTF a run for its money.
Szechuan Fried Chilli Chicken – not a Shanghainese dish as the name makes clear, but the Mongolian saw quite a few tables order this on our way to the table and the presentation was so appealing! The portion was also extremely generous. The chicken morsels were fatty, salty and spicy.
Shanghai specialty 2: sheng jian with crab roe were also enjoyable. Although the base were not as fried as we both would have liked, there was still a nice crunch. Visually, these buns are not authentic, but then again I’ve never seen an authentic looking shen jian in Australia.

We also had a plate of ‘Green Sprout with Mushroom’ for fibre. As a friend of mine use to say, “A man needs his vegetables”. I don’t really like the gravy they pour on top, but the sprouts were refreshing, very tender and once again, a very generous portion.

Service was fast and also surprisingly good for a Chinese restaurant. Our waiter did not necessarily speak English very well, but once we started speaking in Chinese, he was actually very sweet and helpful.

Overall, the Mongolian approves of Lynn and we would come back – especially since they handed out a 20% off voucher for next time .


3 thoughts on “Lynn Shanghai Cuisine

  1. love lynn! the peking duck special on monday is pretty good value and the salted egg yolk prawns are the bomb!

      1. lets try them next time…. but cant determined the how good their shanghai cuisine is without the drunken chicken!! thats the ultimate proof of shang food.

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