Foodie date with ‘Martha Stewart’

NSFW Lunch at Naked Duck

At the beginning of the week, ‘Martha Stewart’ and I went for a walk at lunch and found the Naked Duck at Darling Quarter. She was so enticed by the roasts on display that she returned the next day and had twice pull pork, 12 hour braised lamb and chicken pasta which she raved about later on.

So we came for lunch on Friday with Prince George, another colleague. I was curious about what to order, so I Googled Naked Duck and went to images O.O Lucky no one sits behind me or was looking over my shoulder when the pictures loaded because none of them were related to this eatery and none of them were safe for work.

We arrived at the busiest time, most hectic time, most of the salads had sold out already, and it took a while for ‘Martha Stewart’ and Prince George  to get served due to a lack of queuing system.

Duck panini with roast vege salad 12 hour braised lamb with rosemary fries
Despite the Google Image fail, I ordered the duck panini with the roast vege salad, which was like a cross between a Vietnamese pork roll and Peking duck pancakes, and was complimented by a Chinese five spice mayo. Only thing not great was the bread was very crusty, so I had to take small bites and chew carefully. Before I had even finished my roll, Prince George had already polished off his fries. The sweet potatoes in my salad was so sweet and delicious but unfortunately I was too full to finish it all.
‘Martha Stewart’ got the 12 hour braised lamb roll with rosemary fries, while Prince George had the twice pulled pork roll with roasted potatoes and rosemary fries.

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Drunken Rice

Although the Naked Duck panini/roll were very filling, ‘Martha Stewart’ and I pushed ahead with another foodie adventure at dinner. Originally we were going to try African food, but we couldn’t find a good African restaurant in time, so we ended up bringing forward our Korean foodie adventure.

Drunken Rice was a bit hard to find as the English signage was non-existent on the street level. It was only inside that I saw the name Drunken Rice.

Kimchi pancake
‘Martha Stewart’s’ favourite was the Kimchi pancake, which I thought had good flavour and was fried well.
Icy noodles with chicken
For something different, I also ordered the icy chicken noodles. I loved the chewiness of the noodles,the chicken broth tasted wholesome and delicious and there were many pieces of tender chicken.

The food was very good, as the number of customers that night would attest. I saw a few tables ordered this big bone of meat, and I’d definitely order that next time I come. But we both felt the service was ineffectual, and much of that had to do with the waiter not speaking good enough English. It started with him telling me they don’t have tea and pointed to the alcohol list like that was the only beverage they had. Later we saw another table had a pot of tea. Then it took forever for him to get us bowls so we could share; I ended up having to get up and getting bowls myself. And finally, the bill never came! I’d love to dine and dash, but I asked another waitress who brought our bill in 20 seconds.

Drunken Rice on Urbanspoon


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