Melaka: other great eats

Although Penang is touted as the food capital of Malaysia, we loved the culinary delights in Melaka. We didn’t think it was second to Penang, but rather enjoyed its offerings more than Penang. Below is some of the other places we liked.

Coconut Shake @ Bikini Toppings

46 Lorong Hang Jebat (opposite the Orangutan T-Shirt shop)

20140425-141941.jpgThe most famous place for coconut shake in Melaka is, no doubt, Klebang Original Coconut Milk Shake. However this is not within walking distant of the city centre, and getting a taxi out there just for a drink was neither financially nor time economical. Luckily I’d read Bikini Toppings did a good rendition of the shake, so we did not have to miss out. We initially noticed the cafe because of its name when we were wandering the streets near the Baba Nyonya Museum the day before, and the Mongolian was able to trace his way back to this place a day later. For this, he wants to be called Sherlock Holmes from now on (lol no).

‘Sherlock Holmes’ had a coconut shake with coffee ice cream, while I had mine without any ice cream. The coconut water and coconut flesh is blended with ice. I think they also added some sugar syrup to mine because it was quite sweet. However I could still taste the flavour of coconut. Meanwhile ‘Sherlock Holmes’ said the coffee ice cream overpowered the coconut.


Millie Crepes @ Nadeje

G-23 & 25, Jalan PM4, Plaza Mahkota



This was another place I spontaneously found online. Nadeje is a Melakan cafe that has gained so much popularity that it has expanded outside of its hometown to KL. There are a few stores in Melaka, with two in the vicinity of our hotel.

Millie Crepes in original and rum and raisin
The cake had a lot of cream in between each layer of thin crepe, but kept its shape and did not fall apart once we dug in. It was also not too sweet, subtlety is good.

The first time we went was after 9pm so it was quite empty. ‘Sherlock Holmes’ was so impressed we went again the next day. But the next day, there was a huge queue and most cakes had been sold out. It didn’t help that the customer before us wanted to buy 20 cakes in order to make use of the Nadeje loyalty card. Grrrr. Due to the limited options available, the flavours we were able to get (the Melaka and hazelnut praline), were not distinct enough, they all tasted relatively the same.


Satay Celup @ McQuek’s Satay Celup

231 Jalan Paraneswara

Satay celup is a Melakan specialty where skewers of raw food are dipped and cooked in a simmering satay sauce. So just like hot pot, but with satay.

The most famous and popular places for satay celup are Capitol or Ban Lee Xiang, but both inevitably require waiting in a long line, which was not appealing for us. Hence why I selected McQuek’s.

McQuek’s is not in the city centre; to get there, you have to walk along Jalan Parameswara for about 5-10 minutes. It might seem a lot longer, because there is no foot path, so you have to walk by the side of the road where cars are roaring passed on one side and an open drain on the other.

But McQuek’s is worth it! There weren’t that many customers, but its customers were locals, which suggest this place must be authentic and value enough. The service was also good, the ladies would momentarily come around and stir your pot so the peanuts don’t stick to the bottom.

You’ve had hot pot. You’ve had stay. But have you had SATAY HOT POT?!?!?
Damage: 43 sticks, 57 ringits

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