Melaka: Jonker 88

Jonker Street (or Jalan Hang Jebat or 鸡厂街) is the China Town street in Melaka. Number 88 on this street is a prominent restaurant, seemingly operated by grandmas and old aunties, which does great laksas. We came for breakfast twice, and they recognised us even though they must serve hundreds of people every day.

Jonker 88

88 Jalan Hang Jebat

L-R: Baba laksa and Nyonya laksa. Or in more common vernacular, curry laksa and assam laksa. The Mongolian highly enjoyed his baba laksa and was impressed by the the large piece of chicken in his bowl. I also like the pungent sour and spicy flavour of my soup, and liked the chew of my thick noodles (a bit like sweet potato flour noodles).
The next day, I had a baba nyonya laksa, or mix of the curry laksa and nyonya laksa. It was good also. Not as heavy as the plain curry one.
The Mongolian had the nasi lemak. He was disappointed that the chicken piece wasn’t as big as yesterday.
Fried prawn thing to go with the laksas
Nyonya cendol – this was our first in Melaka and we both thought it was a miraculous improvement from the one we had in Penang. It just tasted different, and better (no doubt that the gula melaka contributed to the improvement).


The production line - the lady in red is the laksa assembler.
The production line – the aunty in red is the laksa assembler.

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