Foodie adventure Newtown

Another foodie adventure with Martha Stewart.

My cousin told me about this cake over a year ago. She liked it cos it was refreshing and not sweet. Ever since then I’ve wanted to try it. Told ‘Martha Stewart’ about it this week and she told me quite plainly, “I’ve tried this cake”. I was flabbergasted – why are you acting so calm??

Strawberry watermelon cake
Strawberry watermelon cake
It was nice, I guess. But probably because people have told me too good things about it, I expected the Earth and the Moon. Refreshing yes, not too sweet yes. But also the watermelon seemed very cold (colder than the cream and almond thing) and it wasn’t as rosey as I expected…

After our morning tea, we walked down Enmore Street to find a place to have lunch. We chose a small Turkish place next to a furniture store that was advertising takeaway falafel wraps for $5. We ate in, and the price was still cheap.Β I loved how the walls and tables had tiles and mosaics, also beautiful mosaic lamps.

Falafel wrap
Falafel wrap
A bit dry, because it had no sauce, just hummus. But by the same token, this felt super healthy

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