Shanghai: Mei Long Zhen

On our last day, as we reflected on the various foods we had in HK, we concluded that sometimes the flavours or ingredients in HK cuisine were a bit strange. For example, when the food was sweet and salty at the same time (the pork buns at TWH), or their obsession with ham / spam. Comparatively, as one of my friends put it, “we eat normal food in Shanghai!”

Nowadays, with the ever expanding migrant workforce, cuisines from all over China are available in Shanghai. But my relatives would only ever take me to restaurants that does traditional Shanghai-ese food. One because they are accustomed to and prefer ‘our food’ and two so that I can eat ‘our food’ which isn’t available in Sydney. Not that I mind this, but it would inevitably cause my cousins to roll their eyes and say how this is “old people food”

So this is a post about normal, old people food.

梅龙镇酒家 Mei Long Zhen Restaurant

Mei Long Zhen is one of those old school Shanghai restaurants that’s been around since the glory days of the 30s. These days, it relies heavily on the reputation of being an old brand.

Love this doorway!
The restaurant is massive and this is one of its many halls

We purchased a ¥190 deal online, which got us…

水晶虾仁 / Crystal prawns
As the prawns are always plainly flavoured, it must be eaten with the black vinegar which accompany the dish.
响油鳝丝 / Fried Eel
Slithers of stir fried eel, seasoned with soy sauce and pepper, garnished with shallots
红烧狮子头 / Red Braise Lion’s Head
These giant meat balls are first fried and then braised in a soy based sauce
脆皮鸡 / Crispy Chicken
I don’t think this dish is particularly Shanghai-ese, but whatever…
酸辣烫 / Sweet and Sour Soup

MLZ is located at No 22, Lane 1081, West Nanjing Rd


5 thoughts on “Shanghai: Mei Long Zhen

    1. mmm…the meat should be tender and soft, and somewhat leathery with the skin. The sauce flavour is red braise with distinct hits of pepper. it’s good for mixing with rice

  1. Somehow it taste good for them because they are accustomed to it. But for traveler like us, i might not taste good. But I can never say any further without tasting it first.

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