Macau: The Venetian

Because I never got over going to Vegas and not staying at one of the extravagant hotels on the Strip, when Macau was added to our itinerary, I insisted we stay at the Venetian, despite the fact it was hardly the most economic option.

On the day of arrival, we endured a long and nauseating ferry ride from HK, only to find the queue for the free shuttle bus to the Venetian exceeded that for any other hotel. Then when we arrived at the hotel, it took annother hour to check. The Venetian had lost some of its luster.

But one of its redeeming features was that it allowed me to eat two Macau favourites without leaving its grounds.


Pork chop buns can be had anywhere in Macau, but the ones at Tai Lei Loi Kei are possibly the most famous. During my research, I’d read the original shop required one to line up from 2:30 for it when begins operating at 3. Luckily there was no queue at the Venetian branch and God knows I’ve had my fair share of queues in HK.

Get in my belly!!!! First meal in Macau and I made a bee-line for the TLLK kiosk in the Venetian food court. My friends did the rounds and ended up getting the same as I. The bread was the highlight – obviously freshly baked, very soft and fluffy on the inside and just a tad crunchy on the outside. The pork chop was lean and well marinated, but I found it too salty. I got this with a milk tea which was also quite nice.

Lord Stowe’s Bakery & Cafe

Mention Macau and the word “Portuguese egg tart” is probably not far behind. Like the pork chop buns, egg tarts are omnipresent in Macau. Whilst I was initially set on only trying the tarts from Lord Stowe, my friend said they were all fairly comparable, so we should try them from a few different places. Thing was I listened to her and bought one from 咀香园 when I was looking for the Ruins of St Paul. It was mediocre enough to put me off trying a Lord Stowe egg tart (since they were “all comparable”).

But Lord Stowe is on a completely different plane to other street vendors. The cafe in the Venetian was very hard to find. I went twice and got lost twice. But the reward was sooo worth it.

Egg tarts could not be more perfect. The pastry was flakey and the custard was silky. It was not too sweet so it did not feel too heavy. They’re similar to the ones at Lillian Bakery in Shanghai, but Lillian’s are a bit sweeter.
Perfection is also cheap at MOP8 / AU$1
Queues are inevitable, although it depends on timing. The second time I came, there was no queue.

For the record, although the egg tarts at 咀香园 were rather revolting, its pork or beef jerkies are delicious and I highly recommend the salted almond cookies.


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