Food Street @ Regent Place 2 (Chanoma)

Across the ‘street’ from Sedap, where Japan is experiencing its midsummer bloom, is Chanoma. A place where matcha is not just a drink to have on the side with your meal, it is the main feature. Ranging from traditional hot green tea to matcha parfaits and croissants, Chanoma specializes in making matcha in every permutation of beverage and dessert you can imagine.

Aside from the novelty of a matcha cafe, I had a minor celeb run-in at Chanoma. My friends and I were about to leave after our hotdogs (below) when a girl with hot pink hair walked in, and I instantly recognised her as Chocolate Suze. We decided I should go up and say hi, but I was really shy and embarrassed, and aborted mission at the last critical moment. Outside we debated some more – should I, or shouldn’t I? Ultimately ‘Martha Stewart’ literally dragged me over to Suze and spoke to her for me. At some point in their conversation, another friend Uee interjected and said to me, “OK! Now take your photo with her!” Jawdrop horror.

Anyways, to some icy drinks to cool me down. Since discovering this place, I tried most of the beverage ‘groups’ (eg. hot / cold, water / milk / yuzu, ice cream). My go to order is generally the iced green tea without syrup, but only because it’s the healthiest option and gives me a serious matcha kick. If calories/sugar are not on the top of your priorities list, then there are also a myriad of better tasting and less healthy options to whet your appetite. You should probably not go hardcore like me unless you are accustomed to drinking bitter green tea (not the tea bag variety).

Matcha float
Matcha float
Iced milk matcha served with a ‘crown’ of matcha soft serve must be what they drink up in matcha heaven. When it comes down to taste, the matcha float wins hands down. Also comes highly recommended by ‘Martha Stewart’.
Matcha with yuzu juice
Matcha with yuzu juice
If you are after something unique, this is your drink. Yuzu (柚子) is a Japanese citrus similar to lime but has the sweetness of mandarin. Although it’s not the first thing that pops into mind when I think about matcha accompaniments, but this combo works really well. I had it without any extra syrup and I found the sweetness of the juice is just enough to cut through the bitterness of the matcha and the tartness of yuzu. The extra tang also makes for one very refreshing drink that’s perfect for summer.
Matcha Oreo Frappe Overall this was an unimpressive drink. Chocolate doesn't necessarily go well with green tea and we'd much rather just have an Oreo cookie rather than suck its crumbs through a straw
Matcha Oreo Frappe
Another good-in-theory-but-not-in-reality drink. Despite views to the contrary, chocolate doesn’t necessarily go well with green tea and we’d much rather just have an Oreo cookie rather than suck up its crumbs through a straw. Try the banana frappe instead.
Matcha ice cream
Matcha ice cream
Cheap yet perfect. It’s best enjoyed on its own (the matcha float doesn’t let it shine because the milk matcha at the bottom overpowers the ice cream) and I see a lot of people just buying the cone.
Matcha latte / cappucino
Matcha latte / cappucino
The hot creamy milk balances out the intense, bitter and alkaline matcha flavour, making it more gentle on the palate and your stomach.

Apart from its matcha offerings, Chanoma also sells hot dogs and chips should you require a meal or just something savoury and solid. Although the combination of green tea and hot dog is random, its hotdogs all have some element of modern Japan cuisine.

Apparently, there’s a choice of sausage, being kransky, chorizo and bratwurst. But unless you ask specifically for your desired sausage, the default is a kransky.

Chanoma cheese dog
Chanoma cheese dog
Curry sauerkraut, kransky and melted cheese. I would have really liked to try this with chorizo instead.
Terriyaki dog
Teriyaki dog
Teriyaki chicken with mayo and coleslaw. To be honest, this was a bit of a disappointment. I expected it to come with a pile of avocado on top, but it didn’t, which is a shame because it would have been helpful to offset the bitterness of the coleslaw and the dryness of the bread.
Spicy meat lovers dog
Spicy meat lovers dog
Kransky with chilli beef mince

Unlike its matcha counterpart, the hot dogs were good in theory, but something has gone wrong in its execution. Although they’ve got the flavour down pat, general consensus was that the bread was too dry and the sausage too small. ‘Martha Stewart’ and I both still felt hungry after we chowed through our dogs, and had to turn to finishing our drinks to feel more satiated. Having said that, at $6 a piece, it’s still pretty good value. It’s perfect for an afternoon snack or if you are feeling particularly peckish.

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