Cauliflower Pizza

Wasn’t it a fantastic long weekend? There was a prince in town, men in uniform, fireworks, light shows, glorious sunny weather and three days work-free.

On Sunday, I visited a colleague, the Martha Stewart of our team, at her place and we made cauliflower pizza together. We used this recipe.

We grated our giant head of cauliflower on a box grater. However Martha Stewart found it difficult to grate manually because the cauliflower would break apart before it got grated. It would be easier and more time efficient to just chuck it in the food processor.

Afterwards we divided the cauliflower in 2 or 3 plates and microwaved them for 5 minutes each until it was cooked. At this point we let it cool, but in retrospect, and if we were to make it again, we would squeeze the liquid out before proceeding.

After it cooled, we mixed in 2 eggs and 2 cups of mozzarella, shaped it into our base and baked on 180 degrees for 20 minutes until the surface was slightly golden brown.

By then it was time to top with our home made tomato paste (a can of tomatoes, an onion, mixed herbs, sugar, seasoning), spinach and haloumi on one half, capsicum and mushrooms on the other, and finished off with enough cheese to undo any health benefits of having a cauliflower base over a flour one.

Cauliflower pizza
Cauliflower pizza – work in progress!
Cauliflower pizza
Getting my daily vege intake

The pizza was so delicious! Can’t taste the cauliflower, and surprisingly, cauliflower has a textural density which makes it a suitable substitute for flour bases. At the same time, it doesn’t leave you with that heavy / “bluh” feeling as can normal pizzas. Although the cauliflower base was comparatively more tender than flour bases, and also lacks the latter’s inherent chewiness, I personally didn’t mind and didn’t think it was such a dramatic difference.

The pizza was accompanied by Arabic coffee and Polish halva.

Arabic coffee was made the traditional way in a pot over the stove; it had a distinctive citrus / sour note. The coffee grounds were bought when Martha Stewart and I had our Vietnamese outing in the West.


Sunday was a massive day. After lunch, we went to Coogee beach for a bit of Vitamin D and perv on our fellow life forms. Then I went back to the city for a failed look at the warships in town, took a dance class to Mirotic by TVXQ (ha!), had dinner and watched Gravity in 3D. By the end of the night I was so exhausted I had a headache! Thank God Monday was a public holiday.

What did you do on this Labour Day long weekend?


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