Weird and Wonderful Foods~

Pork floss in a dessert? Congee milk tea? Salt, milk and green tea in a sentence, let alone in one drink?

Don’t write it off and tell me it won’t be nice before you’ve tried it!

Pork floss Napolean
Pork floss Napolean

Pork floss in a creamy cake seems to break all the rules of common sense and culinary decency. But surprisingly, it works so well!  This was a cafe in a exclusive mall that specialised in the napoleon (whether pork floss flavoured or not). I remember you could see into their display kitchen through a glass next to the counter, and on the day I went, they were making napoleons. The cafe also serves high tea to a limited number of customers per day, but I knew the moment I saw pork floss napoleons in their display cabinet that that was the cake for me.

When I announced my order, my cousin said to me almost derisively, “That won’t be good”. Oh he could not have been more wrong. He bought the original napoleon, and I swear, once he tried mine he wanted it. Too late now, Mister!

Pivotal to this cake was the fact that all the flavours were very mellow and mild so that each different element could shine through without forging a battle on your taste buds. In that way, it’s a real Asian dessert.

Pork floss napoleon is available at: 壹品饼家(新天地店)

卢湾区 马当路 245 号新天地时尚B1楼(近复兴中路)

Glutinous rice milk tea

I will risk melamine and industrial plasticiser poisoning drinking pearl milk tea once each time I return to China. When I searched up milk tea on a review website, this 阿姨奶茶专卖 (Aunty’s Milk Tea Specialists) came up on top. Their best seller is this tempting combination of two favourites: purple glutinous rice and red bean congee and milk tea – like a fusion of Chinese and Western breakfasts!

I feel so lucky to be able to try this drink because the only two shops are so far far from where I live. However I inadvertently stumbled upon it whilst wandering in a major shopping district. Low and behold whilst some shops had still not reconvened business following the CNY break, this almost hawker-like tiny shop front already boasted a massive queue.

With my fresh breakfast in one warmly toasting my hands, I excitedly took my first gulp. The reviews had been so promising, but all I could think of was it could be so much better with a spoonful of sugar. How ironic that as I was queuing I contemplated requesting half sugar? To be fair, many reviewers like the fact its not sweet, so I don’t think there is anything wrong with the drink itself, it’s me and how my tastes have become more Westernised in favouring a sweeter palate.

Join the queue 阿姨奶茶专卖



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