Pink Girly Afternoon Tea

Last year my friend hosted a Girls Night In for the Cancer Council. I was invited to the event, however I hardly remember it. The only thing I do remember was donating. This year as I completed my tax return and claimed my deduction, I even demanded of my friend, “How come you didn’t invite me?!” Such is the state of my memory.

This year, on account of her prior year efforts, the Cancer Council took the initiative and sent her a Girls Night In package. So my friend hosted another girly event, this time more for herself (housewarming) rather than for the Cancer Council.

I arrived early to help bake the cakes and make the sandwiches. Just as her father vacated the place, we offered him some curried egg sandwiches for breakfast, but he steadfastly refused on the grounds it was too girly. If curried egg sandwiches are too girly, then he obviously has not witnessed 8 20 something year olds sitting around a coffee table mounted with cake, all painting their nails in a myriad of colours.

Chocolate ganache fish swimming around hearts~
Brie & salmon tart
One of the girls brought pandan and taro/coconut layer cake. These were light and not so sweet, perfect for an afternoon of feasting.
These cupcakes were so….melt in your mouth. I always cut down fat and sugar from original recipes when I bake, but for the sake of guests, I followed the exact recipe and found fat is a beautiful thing
Sandwiches: curry eggs, pumpkin cheese and pine nuts, turkey mustard cranberry and alph alpha
I don’t know why I featured the crackers and carrot sticks in the foreground. The salsa and guac in the background were out of this world! They were so popular, the host took out the large Pyrex bowls they were stored in whereupon we ate them straight from the bowl (and finished them both).
Apple crumble came about only because the host bought 2kgs of apples which she thought would be needed for 1/2 cup apple sauce (needed for the banana bread below).
This is suppose to be fat free banana bread. I guess because of the moisture level, it had to be baked in two small loaf tins, which we didn’t have, so instead we baked it in one big pan in the hope the flatter depth and larger aerial space would allow it to cook through. However going against my efforts was the fact I used 5 large bananas instead of 5 medium ones. We baked and baked, perhaps for over an hour, and still it came out like cooked banana mash. I was almightily disappointed! However despite people being stuffed from the other foods, some took seconds and thirds. Then a few days later a friend told me she liked the bread and wish she took some home. (^_~)v

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