Sun-made Yoghurt

The only reason I made this yoghurt was because I didn’t want to drink the milk that my mother had left in the fridge. Having it everyday was restrictive, mentally burdensome, and didn’t make me feel that great either. I also suspect that milk has something to do with the allergy looking breakout i’m currently experiencing.

There are so many posts online about how to make your own yoghurt, and they’re all essentially the same. Heat-cool-starter-keep warm-fridge. There are quite a few different ways of keeping the mixture warm during the coagulating stage. Yesterday was bloody hot for October (especially considering last week we were shivering!), and I thought I might as well utilize the free solar power that we have in such abundance. I let the pre-yoghurt sit in the sun for most of the afternoon, then when the temperature cooled, I put it in a thermo bag with a bottle of hot water from the tap.

The resulting yoghurt today was soooo soft in texture (like silk tofu!) and delicate in flavour. I had it with cinnamon (because I love it and I put it with everything, esp dairy) and mashed banana (because apparently it’s full of prebiotics which feeds the probiotics in the yoghurt).


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