Flavours of Malaysia

After a positive experience at Flavours of the Philippines, I was back to taste the flavours of Malaysia. Malaysian food wasn’t such a mystery to me, as Filo food was, and in fact it’s one of my preferred cuisines. I went through a laksa faze back in uni but now I prefer the ‘cleaniness’ of Hainan chicken. Still, I admit I have not tried a lot of their dishes (I am still yet to try char kuey teow) and therefore was keen for this opportunity to fulfill this blackhole.

The options available here was much greater than the Filo buffet, however flavour wise they didn’t seem to be as good as Filo. Unlike last time, I didn’t take a photo of everything and also was much more selective with what I ate. I didn’t go for seconds and am proud to report that wastage at this buffet was minimal.


Unfortunately, of the options I tried, all were rather unmemorable.

Bean sprout, tripe rice grated coconut
Brinjal w grated coconut & Green beans w grated coconut
Top: Spicy mixed vegetable pickle; Bottom: Squid w spice and grated coconut

Lamb broth


Freshly made roti served w veg dal and a lattice pancake that was served with a boneless chicken curry. This was quite good, although the roti had gone a bit soft from sitting on the plate.
I forgot what this was called except it had yellow noodles. It had a fragrant, spicy soup, prawns, tofu, okra and bean sprouts
This photo does not do justice to this herby fried chicken. Probably the best meat dish on the menu
I thought I was eating char kuey teow, until I came home and properly read my photos of the tags. This was Penang style fried flat rice noodles, which was nice but on the sweet side.
I wasn’t game enough to try the fish head curry, how very unAsian, I know
Can’t have a Malaysian buffet without satay sticks! Beef and chicken are available.


They had an impressive dessert spread. My friend and I shared so that we could try one of each. The kuih all became a bit of a blur after the second, different only in colour. They also had build yourself shaved ice.

The banana and sago in coconut milk was probably my favourite dessert
Also a favourite
This was the most impressive looking, but underwhelmed in the taste department

Flavours of Malaysia is held at the Grace Hotel until 21 October and is available for lunch and dinner.



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