Out of Africa

We spent a beautifully sunny day at Manly last week where the Jazz Festival was held. Despite the clear blue skies, it was quite windy at the beach, so we hid the stable environment of the relative inland. At the boulevard, we listened to some Nora Jones esque music and topped up our vitamin D levels whilst enjoying ice cream from Movenpick.

Out of Africa was the only ‘interesting’ option out at Manly (in the Entertainment Book anyway), and as the day of the Festival immediately followed our meat fest at Mumu, so we were after something light. This explains the proliferation of vegetarian and fish dishes in our selection.

We first suckled on the sweet meet of oysters
The Zulu Zaluk Warm Salad was totally outside and very far away from our expectation for a salad. Nonetheless, we enjoyed the spicy and rich flavours of roasted aubergine, roasted capsicum, tomato, preserved lemon (this not so much), olives (this one only me). It was served on a ‘plate’ of a cake-like bread which I liked.
The vegetable tajine contains seasonal vegetables cooked in tomato concasse, fresh coriander and ras el hanout sauce, smothered with roasted marinated eggplant and cumin chickpeas.
Between the two mains ordered, this was our favourite. But even without the comparison, I would highly recommend this tajine – it’s not only packed with flavour, it’s also super healthy!
The signature dish of Moroccon meat balls tajine was scrapped for the fish turban tajine on account that it’s a lighter, more digestible protein. This was a terrible decision. TERRIBLE I tell you! The ‘tasty’ blue eye cod was grossly overcooked. More criminal was it seemed quite unfresh, and a fishy smell permeated what would have been their famous spicy tomato charmoula.
Jazzy jasmine rice to soak up the sauce

All in all, I had an enjoyable experience here, and it would be a place I’d return to for something out of the ordinary, although next time I come, I’d make sure my body wasn’t still processing the meat from the previous day.

Saved: $21.38
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