Sushi Tei

The mesmerizing green of matcha

I was so intrigued by the beautiful, eerie, mesmerizing colour of matcha tea as it was poured that I asked the waitress to let me take a photo of her pouring the tea. She was reluctant but she let me, maybe because I said I didn’t need her face in it (but I was hit by my fellow diner and told it was rude) or because she was Japanese and therefore who wouldn’t say no to a customer even though she was highly disturbed by my request – can’t fault the Japanese on their impeccable customer service.

A friend of my came to visit Sydney from Singapore. Like always, he was after fish – being low in calories. We headed to Sushi Tei even though it has a branch in Singapore too, because he said the sashimi was fresher in Sydney, specifically Sydney Sushi Tei.

There was so much sashimi in the sashimi salad that I was full! I couldn’t believe it. Definitely worth the money πŸ™‚
Urchin and scallop sashimi. Urchin was very creamy πŸ™‚
Tuna sashimi

We ordered an assortment of tempura. One of my friends expected it to be golden brown and when I told her all tempura is that pale yellow colour, she commented, “Pale yellow is not my favourite colour”.

Tempura squid
Mixed tempura
Tempura prawn
The softshell crab handroll was huge!
Softshell crab and crab meat sushi

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