Crinitis: 1 metre pizza

So much water retention today! I woke up this morning to a puffy face and sore eye sockets, the result of another pizza binge last night. Last week, I had completely gorged at a work drink event, where I estimate I ate the equivalent of two pizzas (twas one of my three binges). Last night, I only had the equivalent of one pizza, but I also had my fair share of the appetisers, so I’m sure I’m at least equal, if not more, on total food consumed.

Last night we dined at Crinitis, which I consider holds some authority in baking an authentic (and damn good) wood-fired pizza.


Antipasto platter for 2 consisted of meatballs, zucchini flower, cold cuts (one of which was prosciutto), marinated vege (artichoke, eggplant), D.O.P imported Italian cheeses (parmesan and mozzarella) & Italian bread
Carpaccio de tonne or tuna carpaccio was quite tasty

La piece de resistance!

A 1metre long pizza is quite a sight to behold. We’re allowed three flavours for the 1m pizza, we chose (in order of preference) the pezzu i sticchiu (wagyu beef, tomatos, rocket), marinara (mussles, calamari, clam, prawns) and camorra (italian sausage, double smoked ham, gorgonzola).
Same pizza from the Camorra side
The camorra that came with our 1m pizza did not contain any Italian sausages – the top ingredient. When we questioned that to the waitress, she offered to give us a new pizza in the normal size. We got it even though we were full just to try the Italian sausage. We were all put off by the overpowering flavour of the gorgonzola!

My friend commented afterwards, “I’m not having pizza again for another 9 months, after I give birth to this pizza.” And later that night via text, “I’m suffering from pizza-o-phobia. No more pizza!!” Coming from a guy who ate less than me, I was less than impressed!

FYI I cured my water retention discomfort by eating a banana. The potassium contained in bananas help maintain the sodium balance in your body and in this way, helps to fight water retention. When I did the City2Surf this year, one of my friends said, “Bananas are a miracle fruit, I eat it for everything, long runs, diarrhea, constipation…” Add painful eye sockets to that list!

Saved: $41.85

Criniti’s Darling Harbour on Urbanspoon


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