Post binge workout binges

I must not bake again. Occasionally I get an urge to bake, an urge as intense as a craving for food, but of course when I rarely stop at having one, or two.

I like my cakes chock a block full of goodies

So today I baked some chai muffins with prunes and sunflower seeds – the urge has been bubbling noxiously for a few days; the original plan was to bake them for Father’s Day, but he didn’t like them anyway (too much soda, not sweet enough, not cake-like enough). FAIL! Anyways they ended up being squares instead of muffins because I couldn’t be bothered spooning them into individual moulds, because deshelling the seeds and cutting the prunes took a long time, and just as I finished mixing the batter, my dad complained that I was taking too long.

I personally de-shelled the sunflower seeds – 99% saliva free. Not really recommended for hygene and time considerations, but these have been sitting in a jar for aaages! Oh wells, we’re all family anyway.

And of course after they came out of the oven, I binged – dense/not cake-like/not sweet NOTwithstanding! I think I had one third of the cake. Usually I’d just get over it, but this is the third binge this week! I’m encouraged by the fact that I have officially used up all my baking ingredients (those were the last of the prunes – hurray!), and very soon our kitchen will be demolished so I’ll have no oven to bake from. What a relief!

After those three binges, I thought intensive gym workouts could not be missed. Although several times as I was jumping or shaking my booty, I could feel the contents of my stomach coming dangerously close to resurfacing.


This is a cafe/bar right next to my gym, very convenient for grabbing a casual bite to eat whilst catching up with gym buddy after Zumba. Offers a warm hideout from the cold and wind.

A rather Asian – but nice – version of spaghetti with stirfried beef slices, baby spinach, sundried tomatoes.

I had both the vege options because…I was still stuffed from my cake.

A very plain Caesar of just cos lettuce, egg, croutons and mayo. A waste of money.
Side of vege with hoisin sauce

Saved: $8.65

Zibar on Urbanspoon

Fat Buddha

After the ignomity of our last visit, we returned this time hungry.

There are only two carts, one for steamed goods and one for fried, but both were constantly being replenished by the kitchen. There wasn’t a lot of variety, and what they had on offer were rather ordinary yum cha fare, albeit at an inflated price tag. Nice environs and location though.

We (or maybe just me) ordered a lot of steamed dumplings, mostly because that’s what my parents order when we yumcha so it’s what I’m use to – and I discovered at the gym today I’ve gained another two kilos so I must steer clear of the fried foods.

Prawn dumplings / 虾饺
Shao mai / 烧卖
Prawn chang fen / 虾肠粉
Glutinous rice / 糯米饭
Spinach dumpling / 菠菜饺
This I liked, the spinach seemed to burst with moisture
Duck dumpling
This I’ve never had before, and I thought, “Why not, a change from the prawns”.
More Chinese greens / 芥兰 🙂
Chive dumplings / 韭菜饺
We ordered these to round off the vege dumpling trilogy. I had to ask the waitress to replace our original basket which contained four small and broken dumplings. These were perfect, and like the sprout dumplings, there were a lot of prawns inside :(.

They only had mango pancakes, mango pudding (Chinese pudding is like jelly) and coconut pudding for dessert. The waitress recommended the coconut on account of its intense fragrance. We were not disappointed by this refreshing cup.

Coconut pudding

Saved: $21

Fat Buddha Chinese Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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