Mu for the Moon Festival

Time to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival! Consistent with what I was recently told that leading up to the full moon, we feel more hungry, we ate like a pack of hungry wolves last night. The amount of meat I consumed last night is about how much I have in a normal week! But it was so delicious, I even ate the fat πŸ™‚

My cousin and I shared the Tagliata T-bone, a 1kg of t-bone seared, sliced and finished with rosemary and garlic. It was recommended as the best steak at the restaurant by the waiter, and it did not disappoint
The Kimel aged sirloin was ordered because the its crust of Papua New Guinea Kimel (a coffee bean) & Szechuan pepper sounded too funky to not try. My dad was impressed by its flavour.
I thought the King Island prime rib was a little lackluster in comparison to the above two, but cousin-in-law enjoyed it nonetheless, it was probably the beef dish where you could taste the true essence of beef most clearly
Saltbush lamb shank was quite tender. The accompanying broadbean and raddish salad was also nice.

Saved: $59

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Cousin recommended the gelatos at Bravo Trattoria for dessert. We ordered a lot – assortment of gelatos, tiramisu, creme brulee, Italian hot chocolate, affogato. The creme brulee received a lot of love, but I enjoyed the gelatos most.

Coffee, salted peanut (best), black seseme, rosewater pistacio

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