Fine Dining at Bistro Ortolan on Bayswater

We dined at this two hatted restaurant for a celebratory dinner. It has been on my bucket list ever since the lastest Masterchefs fought it out in this kitchen.

We sat near the kitchen, the place where the food gets plated. Standing there facing the diners and ensuring each plate left the kitchen was impeccable, was head chef owner Paul McGrath. Mum’s seat was facing him and kept staring at him because she thought he looked familiar. At one point he noticed her stare and they laughed at each other.

We were served complimentary freshly baked bread and amuse bouche of custard and duck consomme.


Ceviche of ike jime striped trumpeter with blue swimmer crab vinaigrette, scallop tartare and turnips
Rillette of rabbit with duck liver and Armagnac parfait, and freshly toasted brioche
I had the crépinette of Victorian quail with glazed baby turnips and French toast. The quail was very tender (my dad was shocked), because it was a light crimson rare. The French toast was like a unsweetened nutmeg cake.
Salad of baby beetroot with horseradish ‘skordalia’, bitter leaves and toasted walnuts


Mum decided to try a meat none of us have tried before. This was in the form of the spice-roasted loin of Raukumara wild red venison with game pie and Lyonnaise vegetables. It had a very gamey flavour
Initially I ordered the fish dish, but later changed it for the Winter mushroom and Fontina tart with poached bio-dynamic hens’ egg and black truffle. Although I don’t think I tasted any truffle, I am very glad with my decision. The tart was piled high with fresh and tender mushrooms, while the Fontina (the element I have not tried before) was sweet and creamy.
Pot au feu of organic Burrawong chicken with roasted chicken consomme and baby roots
The chicken was very tender (slightly pink) – cousin said she’s never had chicken like this before. There was a not-so-nice wonton hiding under the pile.
Twice-cooked tenderloin and sirloin of biodynamic Wildes Meadow veal with sarladaise potato, wood mushrooms and béarnaise sauce
The fried white thing just above the blue flower was a piece of fried offal, pancreas to be precise. Initially we thought it was duck butt. We were +_+ under this misconception, and even more so when we found out its true identity.

I didn’t feel the need for dessert, but from hindsight I think the boys could have done with more. Cousin-in-law had an awesome hotdog from Harris de Wheels straight afterwards.

Saved: $100 (2 EB cards)

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