Sacrificing resistance training to discover the Reuben

To gym or not to gym? To eat or not to eat? Those are my existential questions.

The decision regarding whether lunch breaks should be spent furthering physical wellbeing or yield to the demands of the glutinous stomach is one which plagues me on a weekly basis, and one which is always won by the latter.

“I can’t concentrate at work if I’m always thinking about the food I’m craving!” I reason, I defend.

Today is the same. I passed Nooks Fresh Urban Bar on the way to work and noticed their sandwich of the day was the NY Reuben – something I have been curious to try for a long time! This place always has a long line during the breakfast peak and I noticed they serve Sonoma bread, so they must be pretty good right? So I decided today is the day I shall try this cafe, and today is the day I shall taste my first Reuben sandwich. So I’ll see you next week instead, Bodypump.

Homemade corned beef, lots of swiss cheese, sauerkraut, pickles, seeded mustard, long island dressing on organic rye sourdough

The sandwich was quite delicious. I really liked the corned beef and bread and sauerkraut and cheese and pickle… I question the role of cheese in this sandwich as its flavour doesn’t seem to blend all that well with the other acid flavours – but that is just a general observation, not a comment on Nook. My only point of criticism on Nook though (and I consider it a big one!) was that the person who handled the money also made my sandwich – using the same plastic gloves!! Despite that being a major violation of health and safety rules, I ate my sandwich and enjoyed it.

Nook Urban Fresh Bar on Urbanspoon


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