After Dark Dining at Yama Japanese Cafe

Queen Victoria Building is running $25 dinner specials on Thursdays and Fridays during August.

Fat slices of salmon sashimi for entree
Yakiniku Don was a bit oily and had lots of onions, perhaps I should have had the sashimi and sushi platter instead
Seafood Yakiudon looked nice
Macadamia Ice cream and pecan ice cream – best of the 3 courses. My pecan ice cream had giant pieces of pecans through out

The three courses was very filling, which was surprising, given the main didn’t look too big.

After we left we checked out some other restaurants that are running this deal. Fat Budda was right by Yama.

“Oh it has yum-cha until 8” says Friend, “Want to have a dumpling?”

That comment completely bypassed the reasoning department of my brain, so Sponteneity got very excited. We sat down and asked for the yumcha menu. It was only then Reason kicked into action and sternly veto’ed any further eating on such a full stomach.

We waited until all the waiters and waitresses buzzing about were focused on other customers before we scooted out as fast as our legs could carry us. Lucky we were seated next to the door!

Yama Japanese Cafe Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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