Charlie Lovett

I finally made it to Charlie Lovett! It has been on my bucket list for months, and I have been keen to try their coffee as they purport to be bean roasting specialists. They have a house blend, as well as Single Origin and an Ecuadorian blend and the barista was nice enough to make me a sample of the Ecuador one to help me make my decision. I chose their house blend because I thought the sample was just super bitter. In the end the house blend was equally bitter, I don’t know if it was strong or burnt (I generally equate that level of bitterness with burnt, but in this case, given they aren’t just any cafe, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt). To make it slightly palatable, I added some sugar which in turn made it sour. Yes it was a highly unenjoyable cup of coffee, whether it be attributable to burntness or my low tolerance of coffee.

Aside from the enormous coffee disappointment, the food was OK, on par with general cafe standards.

Three hour pulled lamb salad
Dressing a bit sweet, not a lot of lamb
Chicken & avocado ciabatta
I think they bake their own bread.
Apple & Cinnamon Combe
This is baked onsite too!
The cup of disappointment

Saved: $4

Charlie Lovett Crows Nest on Urbanspoon


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