New Shanghai

I have not read a bad review of this restaurant chain. But the many times I have dined here, particularly in recently history, I have not been impressed. The severe lacking in quality of today’s lunch at the Chatswood Chase branch has only entrenched my (and my entire extended family) opinion that this is a poor representation of Shanghainese food.

I’m particularly angry today, because both dumpling dishes (pot stickers and wontons) arrived at the table all with holes. All dumplings should be ‘vacuumed’ because the pouch of soup in pot stickers is what defines their quality and if wontons have holes before being boiled or develop holes during boiling, the flavour of the filling is lost to the boiling liquid, leaving only a flavourless wonton.

Can see from the photo the puddle of soup on the plate – all pot stickers were already broken when they arrived at the table
Each one of the wontons were also broken, one of the fillings even fell out when I was mixing the sauce
The red braised beef was quite light, not red braised enough
Nothing bad to say about spring rolls, but could have been better with pork strips

Saved: $10

New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant  on Urbanspoon


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