Le Pain Quotidien

I’ve come to experience first hand how sustained sleep deprivation (4 nights, 1 hour each night) can wreak havoc on one’s resolve to eat healthy and exrecise daily. When you’re that fatigued, you just want to be nice to yourself, forgo the tiring yoga class and zumba class, and treat yourself to a nice lunch. So out of nowhere, an extra cheat meal is slapped on you.

I have eaten Le Pain Quotidien three times now, and although the food here is not anything to rave about, there is just something appealing about this bakery/cafe that continuously draws me back. Maybe it’s the uptown-ness, maybe it’s the organic claims…

Mediterranean Platter – hummus, babaganoush, tabouleh and assorted organic breads. I had a hankering for tabouleh, but this serving didn’t hit the spot with its noticeable lack of parsley, the babganoush was also too sweet, the hummus was quite nice. I liked the walnut and rye sourdough breads.
Mixed Fruit Tart
Or maybe it’s just the sour cherry almond tart that pulls me back with the warm feelings of nostalgia that it evokes

And somehow, in my state of sleep-deprived thinking which does not include reason, I decided I should get an jar of Italian honey!

Saved: $9.48

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