Glass Brasserie

Glass’ wagyu beef burger, oh how I am covetted thee! Ever since I laid eyes on that juicy paddie dripping with bacon and cheese grease, I have itched and craved to wrap my mouth around it. But for months I have been deterred by the unquestionable caloric load of this meal and my own burgeoning waistline. Today I finally overcame my inhibitions and made it to Glass. 今天总算是了了个心愿

Oh yees~ This was most satisfying. One is allowed a cheat meal once a week to give the old metabolism a shock and jolt. (I also want to comment I detected a hint of star anise in the burger – maybe in the BBQ sauce. It was definitely an interesting dimension to the flavour.)
Fish and chips
All corporate lunches come with beer or wine. But we all settled for non-alcoholic options. Perhaps a decision I regret, a glass of red would have made the afternoon at the office a lot more exciting.

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