Bistrode CBD

Appetite for Sydney is an initiative run by the Sydney Morning Herald in aid of the ailing Sydney restaurant industry. Throughout the month of July, restaurants – including some high end ones – will be running great deals! So tonight we were eating to save Sydney’s restaurants!

We’re back at Bistrode CBD – because they’re running a deal – and because during Entertainment Book 2011, it was the ‘only restaurant’ where Mum didn’t feel uncomfortable after eating. Today was a great meal, even better than our first time.

And because Mum bought the Entertainment Book and is obsessed with using it, we applied our EB discount to our meal.

Great start to Entertainment Book 2012 and Appetite for Sydney!

The Warm Duck Leg Confit & Smoked Breast Salad had a great smokey flavour. Came with a glass of Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir
Roast Barramundi, Roast and Raw Fennel, Blood Orange. Served with white wine.
The fish was cooked to perfection, could not fault it. In fact cousin said it was the best fish she has had at a Western restaurant. Pity my salad was missing a few pieces of blood orange, cousin got it all – how unlucky was I!
Jane’s organic honey tart and peanut butter ice cream
cousin lurved the ice cream but the overpowering sweetness of the tart was a bit of an affront- according to cousin, it’s just like eating manuka honey straight out of the jar
So I decided to do something a bit different and do a ‘Western’ thing by ordering cheese as an after. Once again, we were very confronted by the overpowdering lamb smell/taste of the cheese. The oatcakes were nice, but then I’ve always had a soft spot for oat cookies

Saved: $31.50

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