Bistrode CBD

The original plan was to finish EB 2011 off with a bang. I was highly anticipating my celebration at Rambutan, but 3hrs before I was to knock off work, I discovered it had closed down! Despite some intense googling, I still had no idea where to go for dinner, and ultimately I settled for Bistrode CBD, purely because it was close to work and I was tired of thinking.

Blackmore Corned Wagyu Beef, Grain Mustard White Sauce, English Condiments.
The horseraddish was fantastically sweet sour and spicey! I didn’t really know what corned beef was like until today, and am happy to report that Bistrode CBD’s version is nothing like the mucky, canned, Spam-textured stuff I thought it was going to be like!
Blue cod with steamed in the above pouch with Indian spices
Complimentary soy & linseed and sourdough bread

Saved: $19

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