Spice I Am

When sick, eat Thai. The clean fresh flavours and the jolt of chilli does wonders for sore throat and queazy tummy.

Steamed fish cake, or officially known as Homok, being steamed Phuket style basa fish fillet curry and betel leaf, wrapped in banana leaf
Nothing says welcome to Spice I Am like this dish with its fiery kick of chilli. I took this photo just as my friend’s flash was going off – looks good, no?
Mini Curry Puff: Phuket style fritter of green school prawns on crispy betel leaf with chilli sauce, crushed roasted cashew nut and coriander
Reeeaally not your average curry puff – it’s basically pieces of whole fried betal leafs (whatever they may be) with chunks of prawn
Yum Hua Plee – Shredded banana flower salad with crispy king prawns, shredded chicken breast, roasted coconut shallots, chilli and nam prik pao dressing
sorry, banana flower? gotta try this!! To me it was the star of the night, the flavour was delicious and the texture was dense and chewy. Although I note that ours did not come with a bright red leaf as a garnish which most other food bloggers seemed to have had
Friend wanted salad and she wanted sausage (amongst other things which I pointed out were contained in my salad) so she got the Naem Khao Thod – Crispy rice salad with Thai pork sausages coriander, eschalot, spring onion, mint leaves, chilli powder and ground peanuts. She had to wash this down with 1.5 jugs of water because it was so damn spicey! It’s not the spicey that you note when you’re eating and chewing, it’s the one that only becomes apparent after you’ve swallowed it. Even after our dessert, she said her stomach felt like it was on fire
I cannot go passed a Khao Neaw Dum – Warm black sticky rice with Thai smoked coconut cream and pandan gelato
Friend and I both though the ‘Thai smoked’ element was too strange, foreign, and strong for our Chinese tastes. It was like…a strong floral infusion?

Saved $25.25 (I only realized just how pricey this place was when I got the bill: the two of us racked up a $101 bill!!)

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