In fulfilling my duties as bridesmaid, I was out bright and early this Saturday morning to make a 9am wedding dress appointment. In between that and the next appointment, we ventured out of our way to Waterloo for some well deserved brunch. As there was no point in coming here without trying their famous desserts, we then showed our filial and romantic devotion by carrying these cakes across town and into the night to share with our parents and fiance, respectively.

Opera Cake
Opera Cake
Pistachio & rose cake
Salted caramel & yuzu (that’s a cross btwn mandarin and lime) cheesecake which has a crushed macaroon base. The bride-to-be got this, I thought it was too strange for me. Never was a cheesecake fan
Roast Chicken breast, avocado, semi dried tomato & rocket on rye
Not doubt very healthy, but also undoubtedly bland and totally unlike the chicken and avocado sandwich that kept me awake in the early hours of the night before.
Portobello mushrooms, avocado, roast tomato & goats cheese on sourdough
Skim iced coffee without icecream
Reviews rave about the good coffee here, but I thought it was overly bitter to the point of burnt

Saved: $15

Patisse on Urbanspoon


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