Glass Brasserie

In the final run towards the end of Entertainment Book 2011, I’ve opted for some fine dining. Hence why we appeared at Glass Brasserie, nestle inside the Hilton Hotel.

I’ve uploaded the photos in order of what I considered best to worst dish, although cousin-in-law would argue his lamb rump trumped my crab omelette.

Organic egg omelette of blue swimmer crab meat, enoki mushroom & herb salad, miso mustard broth
Lamb rump (daily special)
Truffle poached jewfish, warm cucumber, garlic flower, onion, peas, white asparagus, shimeji
Mum was completely indecisive and asked the waiter many times about each dish. In the end I chose this one cos it had truffle oil, and I thought it would be nice to try something exotic and prized. But on first bite both her and cousin-in-law thought it tasted fishy (in a bad way), although ultimately mum said it’s the best fish dish she’s had at a Western restaurant – not that that is a high accolade in itself.
Jurassic quail with chestnut farce, confit leg, smoked corn, candied walnuts, ruby grapefruit marmalade, beets
I tasted a leg and thought it tasted strange. Cousin who ordered it thought it was yucky – especially the sauce.

Saved: $83 (using 2 EB cards)

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