Sushi Samurai

Yesterday’s insatiability continued today and I needed nothing short of a feast to hit the satisfaction spot. So I ordered the gourmet lunch set (the waitress tried to dissuade me into getting just the normal lunch set, perhaps insinuating this was too much for me, deja vu much?). It was a meal put a smile on my face, and kept me going through the afternoon and gym without a tinge of hunger. And for the record, I did eat all of this! From soup to icecream, and even a takoyaki from friend.

Steaming miso soup with soft eggplant cubes to get the digestive juices going
Fat steaks of salmon sashimi
salad, chicken terriyaki and salmon sushi
Black seseme ice cream

Friend’s lunch:

Agedashi tofu
Assorted sashimi set
Friend bought this bottle of Voss water for $10(!!) so she can reuse the bottle in the office. When she got it she realised it was too big to even fit under our water tap. But she kept it cos she didn’t “want to be mean”. I’d be spewin’!

Saved: $14.90

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