Tommy’s Beer Cafe

Early Mother’s Day πŸ™‚ Unfortunately we were extremely disappointed with the food – is it’s 90+% approval rating on Urbanspoon only reflective of its extensive beer offering which we didn’t have?

The only highlight (if one could call it a highlight) of the night was the three rowdy men on the table next to us speaking a foreign language, which they even used with the waitresses. My mother, being the curious soul that she is on such matters, asked me to ask the waitress what that language was (Czech). But the waitress conveyed our interest to the three men and as we stood to leave they all went deathly silent and stared at us. As I walked passed their table one of them said something in Czech to me. When I met his eye, his expression seemed teasing/joking, so I wonder what the waitress said – that young girl was asking after you, she must be interested!

Roast ducked with bread dumplings and braised red cabbage
The duck meat was terribly overcooked (so hard and dry) but the bread dumplings were nom nom like steamed turkish bread.
Vienna schnitzel where the meat to batter/crumb ratio was 1:2
Czech braised beef
bland boiled beef with cream root veg sauce (the latter went extremely well with the bread dumplings)

Saved: $22.50

Tommy's Beer Cafe on Urbanspoon


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