New Shanghai

Is is unpatriotic for a Shang to dislike xiaolongbao? It is the representative dish of Shang cuisine, yet you can’t even beg my mother to have one: apparently she overdid it when she worked close by the Yu Gardens some 20+ years ago. But my mother is your stereotypical proud Shang, perhaps one is salvaged by a like of sheng jian.

生煎包 pan fried pork bun
生煎包 pan fried pork bun
I haven’t had their xiaolongbaos, but if the standard of this dish is anything to go by, I’m confident it would be as good as, if not better, than the ones at Dingtaifung.
菜肉馄饨 Vege & pork wonton
菜肉馄饨 Vege & pork wonton
鱼香肉丝 five spice pork
鱼香肉丝 five spice pork
sooo spicy we all ‘washed’ it with tea

Saved: $7.50

New Shanghai @ Lemon Grove

After we left the restaurant, on account of the hot and spicy pork that has was still buzzing on our tongues, we stopped by Hudson Coffee for some milky goods to calm the burn. We had a flat white and a choc mocha. The FW tasted burnt after a swig of mocha.

Saved: $3.80

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