Bagel Boy

I had an exam tonight. But it was so difficult to study whilst craving a smoked salmon bagel.

My exam was at 6pm, this cafe closes at 3:30pm…how dedicated am I to the fulfilment of my stomach?

Smoked salmon bagel – Salmon & Cream Cheese with Capers, Red Onion, and Lettuce on wholewheat bagel
Everything I imagined and wanted. The bagel, especially, was cripsy on the outside, fluffy and soft on the inside.

Now off I go to the library to study!

Once again, it was difficult to concentrate with the smells of my second bagel wafting unrelentingly from my bag. After 1.5hrs of solid study, I finally succumbed to the calls of the Mexican festival.

Spicy Mexican Chicken – Rocket, Avocado Salsa, Jalapenos and Roasted Red Peppers with rye bagel
I wasn’t too enamoured by this bagel, maybe because it wasn’t what I was craving, maybe because I didn’t get it toasted as I wasn’t going to eat it immediately, or maybe because it was a rye bagel, I wasn’t too impressed by neither the bagel itself nor the flavour of the filling. I was originally going to get the reuben, but changed my mind in the last minute. Now I’m really regreting it especially as I still don’t know what a reuben tastes like!

Now totally out-breaded, I went for a very long walk.

Saved: $8.90

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