All day Shanghainese breakfast

Shang breakfasts are glorious.

But let’s start in a highly un-Shang fashion.

vanilla cherry cappucino
vanilla cherry cappuccino, I will stick to my regular unflavoured coffee from now on

Saved: $4.80

Coffee Club @ Park St

Lynn has 20% discounts during off peak hours.

小笼包 xiao long bao
A Shanghainese breakfast favourite, the 小笼包 xiao long bao
红油抄手面 spicy wonton noodles
红 油抄手面 spicy wonton noodles. I love wontons so much, but fresh qicai is not available in Sydney and my mum says the frozen ones are dirty and not tender. I am told that watercress is a good substitute for qicai but I have not tested this suggestion, so in the meantime, I must make do with restaurants. I get the large vege and pork wontons everytime I go to a Shanghainese restaurants. I would have eaten these without the spicy sauce and noodles.
韭菜虾仁盒子 chive and prawn pancake
韭菜虾仁盒子 chive and prawn pancake. I’m so into chives lately

Saved: $5.70

Lynn Shanghai Cuisine on Urbanspoon

Later in the afternoon, we were going to go to Ding Tai Fung to compare dumplings, but they were closed. Downstairs we found 上海天同小厨 Taste of Shanghai, where we decided to have a snack and wait for Ding Tai Fung to reopen for dinner. We ordered the 生煎 since Jess had been curious about it at Lynn

生煎包 panfried buns
Another Shanghai fave, the 生煎包 panfried buns. Jess liked these better, they were more interesting than the xiaolong. The soup here was tastier than Lynn, but I don’t think they utilize fresh mince for their filling.
Soy milk
Can’t get more Shanghainese breakfast with soymilk and panfried buns

Taste of Shanghai on Urbanspoon

Did you know your stomach is the size of your fist? It will expand to accommodate what you consume, but ideally, a meal should be the size of two fists. Going to Ding Tai Fung after this would have been acting contrary to human nature. We rescheduled Ding Tai Fung, where we can eat with gusto.


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