Sushi Roll

Flying solo on a Friday night.

Golden Butterfly
Golden Butterfly = scallops with fried onions on avocado roll
Blue Mountain
Blue Mountain = seared salmon, scallops, avocado mash and caviar. Two thumbs up!
Eel nigiri
Eel nigiri
Chicken and avocado roll
Chicken and avocado roll
Think this was tuna. I thought the seared & melted thing at the top was cheese, but in fact it was a sugary sauce. There's a salty dairy thing inside the roll that went well with the avocado and tuna

I already had my wallet and EB voucher out ready to call the waiter for the bill when this one came by on the conveyor belt. Against my better judgement, my right hand reached for the plate whilst my left hand put my wallet and voucher back in my bag.

Soft shell crab roll
bad decision!

Must leave now before I do any more damage!

Saved: $8.25

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