Le Pain Quotidien take 2

Why is mesclun called mesclun and not salad?

After initial indecision re whether to order the porridge or the ham and cheese croissant (do I get the healthy one which I can knock up at home and not thus worth ordering, or the unhealthy one which cannot be had at home and worth eating out for but risk becoming flatulent during the 9:30am meeting on account of my sporadic lactose intolerance? That was the great mental debate I had in the days prior), we decided to try some mesclun adorned dishes.

Mushroom Frittata
Frittata with mushroom, sundried tomatoes served with pesto, mesclun and bread. Some of my favourite things 🙂
Salmon Frittata
Frittata with salmon, spring onions and tartare sauce. I thought it tasted like the fish burger at McDonalds. Jess liked it though
My dream. It wasn’t overly sweet which allowed the tartness of the sour cherry to stand out. I just thought it was going to be a custard tart, but it was cakey under the cherries. Still, twas highly enjoyable!

Although what is the fruit tarte in the front row? I thought it was the sour cherry tarte!

Sometimes every little element creates a perfect whole even if they are imperfect viewed in isolation. Like how during our last visit, our mis-ordering resulted in sugar overload which sat uncomfortably in our stomachs. They also didn’t have the sour cherry and almond tarte I wanted. Then I forgot to hand over the EB voucher when paying the bill, which rendered our whole visit completely pointless! Meeting today at 7:30am was pretty painful, add on the chilli autumn morning and the restaurant not opening til 8am and you get a massive headache! But from retrospect, it all worked out for the better.  We didn’t get a discount for our not-so-great cheaper meal, which forced us back and our experience guided us to order dearer but yummier and healthier meals. And they also had the sour cherry and almond tarte I had been covetting!

Saved: $10

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