Sushi Tei

Today I wanted to try something different, so I steered away from the sushi and ordered things I normally wouldn’t order.

Squid with fermented beans
I had read natto has a very strong flavour that tastes offensive to the uninitiated. Having never tried it, I was curious to give it a go. It’s very sticky, so when you pick it up there are strands of goo like melted cheese. Its inexplicable flavour, which I can’t really describe (maybe like ash?) hits you after a while. At first I thought it was not bad, but after the second mouthful, I decided it was quite horrible! I had to drown out the taste with a double dose of wasabe and soy sauce, but then it got too salty. Ultimately, I had a headache.
Golden mushroom rolled in beef with terriyaki sauce
This was really delicious – the sweetness of the salmon with the saltiness of the caviar all blended perfectly with soy sauce and wasabe.
I tried some of this because my friend had become too full on her sashimi salad(!!). It was quite yummy, altho I couldn’t really concentrate on the crab. The fish floss reminded me of pork floss, which added a nice nostalgic element. I also desperately needed some fluffy rice to soak up the taste of soy wasabi natto in my mouth.
No…you don’t get a bowl full of salmon roe, underneath is steamed egg,
I can see how the combination of salty, spicy and garlicy kimchi would work with sweet and milky cream. Maybe I’ll try this at home!

I don’t know why the girls ordered this – to be healthy? Perhaps it is just that sashimi with salad is a strange concept to me.

Saved: $24

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