Löwenbräu Keller

The meat fest continues!

Overall, we don't like pretzels, I think my mum appreciated the butter more than the pretzel itself
Giant Pork Schnitzel
My dad was shocked at the size of the meat. Because of the cut used, he thought his own pork schnitzel was better on account of it being more tender.
Mum and I shared this. I love the sauerkraut and braised red cabbage.

Lowenbrau beer

Weeks ago when I first suggested coming here or BBC to my parents, my dad was was immediately dismissive of my recommendation for him to order the pork knuckle. However when he saw the plates of pork knuckle being carried to other tables, and he realised it was 蹄髈 he was instantly lamentful of ordering his schnitzel. Mum later commented she like the down to earth-ness of this restaurant, so I think there is opportunity for us to come back here, so at least we can enjoy the atmosphere and dad can try the pork knuckle.

Saved: $35

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