Le Pain Quotidien

Actually forgot to hand over the voucher when getting the bill even though it was in my hand. So Jess said, we’ll just have to come back. That works for me as they didn’t have the sour cherry almond tarts I wanted. Technically this post does not belong with the Entertainment Book series, but we did go in the spirit on the EB.

Bowl of mocha
bowl of skim mocha with Belgian chocolate. Both thumbs up!
Almond croissant
Flavour was good but disappointing it was stale

Couque suisse

Le Pain Quotidien condiments
Chocolate and hazelnut spread, hazelnut andprailine spread, apricot conserve, four berries conserve
Jess' painting
A masterpiece of butter, conserve and hazelnut butter on rye

What happens after you have a mocha, an almond croissant, a piece of toast cut lengthways smothered with butter, conserve and sweet hazelnut spread, then you make your move of your friend’s half of toast (which she can’t finish because she is obviously more highly evolved than you and feels full) which is similarly smothered, if not more, with condiments? You feel disgusting and it screws up your appetite for the entire day

Saved: $0

Le Pain Quotidien on Urbanspoon


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